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The Menzgold Traders'
Transaction Status Access Card

By virtue of our resolve to assist Menzgold by brokering debts settlements between the gold trading company and its indebted clients, facilitating legally viable means to get Menzgold to effectively transmit payments to these third parties, by the possible usage of any of the existing duly licensed digital payments platforms, we've resolved with Menzgold to first and foremost determine the rightful or valid indebted existing gold collectible trade transactions based on which, we can identify the indebted clients mode of payments need and hence adequately recommend a legally sutable and an effective possible digital payment service solution to be utilized at a fee.

In this regard, we have launched the Menzgold validation results/report on the 'MG Trader Status' interface on our website at; www.payboy.com. We're unable to do a wholesale publication of the entire data because of the confidentiality clause in our Gold Trading Agreements with clients and more of Data Protection breaches grave concerns, which can give rise to dire legal implications on our part.

Hence, we entreat all credible Menzgold Traders who have genuine claims to purchase the 'Menzgold Traders Transactions Status Access Card', which provides a unique PIN with the Clients Bullion Account Number as the User ID to check their validated transaction status and a scheduled exact payment date.


Purchase Card

Purchase your Menzgold Traders Transactions Status Access Card and scratch to reveal your unique PIN code.

Access Interface

Click on 'MG Trader Status' to access the gold traders validated transaction status check interface.

Scratch Card

Type in the revealed Unique PIN code and your existing Menzgold Bullion Account Number and enter to display your validated transaction status.

Print Report

Optionally print out your report/results and sign out when completed.

MG Trader Status


Why Choose Payboy

Our Company has the capacity and requites digital technology, via the third party electronic payments service providers that we associate with, to effect payments via the banking or financially regulated channels, as we comply with Anti-Money Laundering Laws in transactions closures.

Payboy boost of a professionally capable staff body who exhibits exceptional skills and professional competence to identify credible regulated digital payments service providers, establish an association with these providers, markets and promotes these payments service providers to clients that require the usage of such digital payments services.

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